Volgerlanden/Walburg Project

The Volgerlanden Project working group - a joint scheme by the cities of Hendrik Ido Ambacht and Zwijndrecht in Holland - asked Lucien den Arend to make a proposal for the area to the North-West of his older Walburg Project which originated in 1971. Den Arend decided to enlarge the already planned water reservoir and have the meandering dike of his Walburg project be one of its edges. In the reservoir an island in the form of a cross will completed in 2002 - the land on the right still has be taken out. Two narrow pedestrian bridges will connect the island to the shore on the left and right. Alnus (alder) trees will be planted along the island's shore - they will form two crossing paths.

The municipalities of Zwijndrecht and Hendrik Ido Ambacht, the Netherlands commissioned Lucien den Arend to make a site specific sculptures for Zwijndrecht - Volgerlanden environmental sculpture - and for the new districts of Walburg and Volgerlanden.

Walburg Project | x-ing 1971|2002 earth, asphalt, water, meandering dike, bronze, high-tension pylon, alder and pollard willows - 136x50x19m - Zwijndrecht,The Netherlands

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