The solid stainless steel cones mark the focal points of the elliptical space which served as a.

On Monday August twenty-second of 1994 Architect B. Noorman called Lucien den Arend that the project would be destroyed on next Thursday the twenty fifth. Lucien den Arend had received no prior notice that there had been any plans for new building activities. Upon his request for at least a postponement, he received a few more days to be able to take photographs. The trees would be cut down on the next Monday. So the artist spent the weekend painting the trunks in order to be able to take photographs. He also cut the branches to be able to register how they would have appeared afterwards. 1995 should have been the year in which this was to have taken place.

The demolition of parts of the building had already begun. Fully surprised and bewildered he asked the director of the Terneuzen employment exchange, Drs. S. B. Verburg, to receive a commission for the new situation. And she, the director, did request the artist to make a proposal. This he did within short span of time as the demolition, as well as the building activities, were already underway. He presented the plan to her and the architect e few weeks later.

The proposal was never accepted and payment never took place. The successor of Mrs. Verburg, E. P. H. Kerckhaert, even wrote him later that he never had been ordered to make this proposal -sic-

Terneuzen - Zeeuws Vlaanderen - Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures ordered for the city of Terneuzen Zeeland

pollarded ellipse - 1980|1984 - willows (Salix Alba) and white latex - GAB TerneuzenThe Netherlands