In 1990 the municipality of Dordrecht, in Holland, bought a concrete sculpture which  Lucien den Arend had installed for an exhibition of the Dutch Sculptors' Association in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum in 1979. The work was made in such a way that after the exhibition in the Stedelijk the concrete, ten meter long, sculpture which had been cast in one piece could be divided into eight congruent segments. Later it was shown at the Museum of Modern Art, De Rietgors, in Papendrecht. It stayed there on loan to the museum. The title was Bilaterally Convex Waves. The sculpture was made once more, using the same molds at the Louise de Colligny School in Dordrecht. Lucien den Arend placed it in relation to the existing round sand-pit on the playground. Its title was changed to sinwa as the undulating form was actually a sine wave.

Dordrecht (dordt) Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures ordered by the city of Dordrecht (dordt)

sinwa - 1990 concrete - 1000x30x50cm -  Louise de Colligny School - DordrechtThe Netherlands

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