Zwijndrecht Gemini Tango

In 1984 Lucien den Arend was commissioned to redesign the Oranjeplein (Orange Square) and a local housing association (Gecombineerd Woningbeheer) ordered Gemini Tango. The town's bandstand used to be on the location where the work stands, in the center of the square. The title has a double connotation: Gemini, from the shape of the Gemini Capsule - Tango, the type of movement the two cone segments make, relating to the history of the location. The other meanings at the same time are Gemini - twins, and tango - from the saying "it takes two to tango". 

Zwijndrecht Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - Walburg Project - discoid form - Gemini Tango - Volgerlanden

1984/1988 - painted steel  - 500x170x300 (thickness 2cm) -  Oranjeplein - ZwijndrechtThe Netherlands

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