Lucien den Arend proposed to locate his sculpture Gothic on the top of a chalk cliff in the town of Witterda Germany. His sculpture was purchased by the German city of Erfurt for the exhibition Kunst in der Landschaft, to take place in Fahner Höhen in Witterda. After the exhibition it was to be placed permanently on the cliff.

But since the county boundaries changed so that Witterda became part of Gotha instead of Erfurt, the sculpture was placed in a city park in Erfurt.

Witterda|Erfurt Germany and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures ordered by the cities of Witterda and Erfurt    

Gothic - 1978|1994 - cor-ten steel - 735x424x212cm - Kunst in der Landschaft, Fahner Höhen, Erfurt D - photograph and color pencil

the Erfurt location