Homage to El Lissitzky

LelystadThe Netherlands  landscape sculpture demolished by the Ministry of Road and Transport of The Netherlands

Lelystad Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures ordered by the city of Lelystad

1985|1986 land art project with red steel element  - 100x200x7.50m - test circuit and test center of the national Road and Transport Department of The Netherlands - LelystadThe Netherlands (the work has been demolished in the early nineties)

The reason for demolition was the capacity of the test center. It needed more space. The road department agreed to have me participate in the planning of the new test center. Nothing has happened since.

four projects demolished

Zaanstad (1)    -    Lelystad (1)    -    Terneuzen (1)    -    The Hague (2)