Since 1990 opening the arctic circle has seen the construction of a new music school on an adjacent location. The lawn on which it stands has been leveled. At first it was placed on two mounds so that the snow would not cover the lower part of the sculpture. They disturbed the effect of the reclining forms and their being taken up in the landscape, so Lucien den Arend suggested to make a more gradual slope. He contended that the actual level of the snow varies and that the sculpture like all other objects is subjected to constant change. it would be of no use to try to anticipate a momentary effect of nature.

Kemijärvi - Lapland - Finland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures in the city of Kemijärvi

opening the arctic circle - stainless steel - 2000x354x354cm - Kemijärvi culture center (kulttuurikeskus) FIN