In 1995 Lucien den Arend donated his cor-ten steel sculpture monolinear planes, junction to the Kajaani Taide Museo. It had already found its location where it was exhibited on the Kruununpuodinmäki near the library. Together with four other steel sculptures from the same period it forms the focal point at the end of the Välikatu. This is now past tense since the representative of the local center party in the city council proposed that the sculpture should be removed with the other sculptures which are on permanent loan to Kajaani. They have now been installed in one of the parks of the Technological center of Kajaani.

Kajaani Finland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculptures and works in the city of Kajaani

monolinear planes, junction 1B - 1978 2cm thick cor-ten steel - 424x212x212cm - Kruununpuodinmäki, Kajaani FIN

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