H. I. Ambacht

The town of Hendrik Ido Ambacht (H. I. Ambacht) is expanding in the direction of the town of Zwijndrecht. Rotterdam lies on the horizon in this photograph. The crane marks the place where the new Betuwe Line Tunnel is under construction.

The cross island, x-ing, literally marks the spot and will form a pedestrian connection from the Vinex housing area and the town of Zwijndrecht. The other line will remain disconnected from the shores. The two crossing paths (tiendwegen) will be lined with rows of alder trees. The land on the right still must be removed.

the city H. I. Ambacht Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - site specific constructions in Hendrik Ido Ambacht

x-ing 2000|2001 water, earth, Alnus (alder) steel bridges and shells Hendrik Ido AmbachtThe Netherlands