The willows were planted in a spiral form. The resulting maze will grow together and form a spiral path leading to a cast iron willow in its center. The Dutch word for a pollard willow - especially the knoblike top - is "knot". Since the county museum next to this island is called "De Koperen Knop" (the copper knob), Lucien den Arend named this landscape project after it, changing the word knop to knot: de ijzeren knot.

. the iron pollard | de ijzeren knot - pollarded willow spiral - 1992 willows (Salix Alba) - Hardinxveld | GiessendamThe Netherlands  - landscapes and sculptures by Lucien den Arend - his Finnish and Dutch sculpture

1992 the iron pollard | de ijzeren knot, island and osier environment, Hardinxveld/GiessendamThe Netherlands