In 1982 the municipality of Amsterdam commissioned Lucien den Arend to make a proposal for the entrance area of the combined police station and fire station Flierbosdreef on the avenue with the same name in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. Lucien den Arend made two proposals. One for a two by four by two meter open, steel sculpture and a second one based on his perpendicular cylinders series. The arts committee chose for the latter one.

The sculptor elaborated on the linear structure of the facades of the building and projected the perimeter of the sculpture onto the asphalt and extended the lines as if they were sketched. Actually they were sawed into the street and filled with the same white plastic material as the lines on streets. As this work was the last of the perpendicular cylinders sequence, the extensions I, II and III were not continued; the title being perpendicular cylinders.

flierbosdreef01.jpg (46661 bytes)

perpendicular cylinders - 1982-85 stainless steel - 500x500x50cm - entrance of the Flierbosdreef fire station - Amsterdam-BijlmerThe Netherlands

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