The municipality of Amsterdam commissioned Lucien den Arend to make a proposal for a sculpture to be placed in front of the Police Station Waddenweg in Amsterdam-Noord which lies on the north banks of the river IJ.

On the day the sculpture was going to be placed Lucien den Arend drove ahead of the truck transporting the sculpture which had the working title discontinued continuity. There was plastic material filling the holes in the concrete base. Since the holes were too small for his hands, Lucien den Arend asked some little girls on the way to school to help him. This was how the sculpture received its name Brenda. For it was she who took out the polystyrene.

Amsterdam Holland and the sculptures of Lucien den Arend - his site specific sculpture ordered by the city of Amsterdam

Brenda - 1988 bronze and concrete - 3000x3000x1900cm - Police Station Waddenweg - AmsterdamThe Netherlands

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